Hockey LED Floodlights: how much do they cost?

How much does a hockey lighting system cost?

As evidenced by our work for the likes of Sevenoaks and Harrogate Hockey Clubs, high-quality LED lighting can deliver positive improvements to everything from ongoing running costs through to the standard of play. From small, community-focused venues to those playing host to top-tier televised events, the investment you make in your lighting can pay dividends down the line.

If you’re thinking about investing in a new lighting system of your own, though, before going too far you’ll almost certainly want to know what exactly that might entail in terms of the cost. That’s why, in this blog, we’re going to look at the different factors that influence the price of an LED installation and answer that critical question: “How much does a hockey lighting system cost?”.

Key considerations

Before we look in detail at the specific costs of a new hockey lighting system, it’s important to understand some of the overarching issues that have the biggest influence on price. These are:

i.    Whether you’re installing a brand new system, or upgrading an existing one, and;
ii.    The standard of competition that your hockey club hosts.

The first of these is relatively simple. If a club has a lighting system already in place, there’s a high chance that some of the existing assets like masts, wiring, and control systems can be reused within the new design. This is what is known as a retrofit solution, and is typically significantly cheaper than a new build design, where every element within the design needs to be purchased brand new. 

In our own experiences, new build projects make up a fraction of the overall number of hockey lighting projects carried out each year and are typically reserved for the development of new training facilities or academies. Nonetheless, costs for both retrofit and new build projects are included below.

The second of these considerations is a little more complex. In hockey, there are essentially six different classes of play, all requiring a different standard of lighting as outlined by the International Hockey Federation (FIH). These range from “Development & Community-Level Training” (the lowest class of play) through to “TV1” (the highest).

Since the recommended lux values (light intensity) vary considerably at each stage, this also has an impact on cost. We will look at average costs based on televised or non-televised in this post.

What is the cost of a retrofit hockey floodlighting solution?

The average cost of a retrofit hockey floodlighting solution is around £26,000 - £50,000 (non-televised) and £50k upwards (televised), plus VAT .


Non-televised (training – 500 lux) Televised (500 lux +)
Between £26k - £56k + VAT £50k upwards + VAT


Since key elements of the existing lighting system can be reused in a retrofit solution, the majority of the project cost involves the manufacturing and supply of the luminaires (the floodlighting units that attach to each mast). The cost of these units is likely to range from between £17,000 - £34,000 for a non-televised ground. 


The remaining cost of a retrofit project is allocated against installation. Installation costs include a range of activities, including:

  • Removing and disposing of the existing luminaires.
  • Installing the new ones.
  • Replacing the gear within the mast base (if required).
  • Integrating the new luminaires with the existing lighting controls.
  • Testing and commissioning by an independent third party (to the governing body or NICEIC standards as required).

Installation accounts for around £9,000 - £16,000 for a non-televised project. 

What is the cost of a new build hockey floodlighting solution?

The average cost of a new build hockey floodlighting solution is around £45,000 - £95,000 (non-televised) and £70k upwards (televised), plus VAT .


New build

Non-televised (Training – 500 lux) Televised (500+ lux upwards)
Between £45k - £95k + VAT 70k upwards + VAT

This can be broken down into the following costs.

While luminaires are still a significant factor in the price of a newly built floodlighting system, unlike a retrofit project, they are not the dominant cost.

In total, the supply of the relevant luminaires should amount to a cost of around £17,000 - £40,000 for a non-televised ground, and £30,000 upwards for a televised one.

With no existing infrastructure to rely upon, a new build project requires a range of additional assets to be sourced and installed. The primary cost here is the masts themselves, with wiring and other relevant electrical items representing a much smaller percentage of the budget.

Mast and electrical costs in a new build project typically amount to between £8,000 -
 £30,000 (non-televised), and £20,00 upwards (televised). This is based on the manufacture and supply of eight masts, which tends to be the most common number seen in hockey new build projects today in the UK.

In a retrofit solution, installation focuses mainly on the fitting and wiring of new luminaires. A new build project is substantially more complex, involving groundworks and the creation of concrete foundations. A range of wiring and switching work is also required. 

These costs typically break down as shown in the list below. 

  • Groundwork civils (£10,000 - £20,000)
    At this stage, the focus is on the creation of the concrete foundations that will hold each mast in place, as well as digging the various trenches that enable each mast to connect to the mains supply. Costs here include an allowance for a pitchside cabinet and connected distribution board.

  • Installation (£10,000 - £30,000)
    Once the groundworks are complete, the masts can be installed to the foundations, the floodlights wired in, and protective gear added to each of the bases.

  • Controls and wiring (£2,000 - £8,000)
    Finally, any additional requirements can be taken into account. Common inclusions here are cross-play and remote switching capabilities, as well as a time clock, kWh meter, and an “hours run” meter. Costs may be lower depending on which elements are fitted.

In total, the installation process for a new build project is typically expected to cost between £20,000 - £58,000.

How much will my hockey floodlighting project cost?

While we’ve tried to present a comprehensive breakdown of the possible costs of a new hockey lighting system, it goes without saying that every club’s circumstances are different. Different requirements, unique environmental considerations, and other factors can all lead to higher (and lower) costs, so it is always important to seek expert guidance about your own project.

For a full overview of retrofit and new build costs by different classes of play, please consult the charts below. And, for any questions or to discuss your own hockey floodlighting needs, please get in touch.



  Training hockey pitch - 200 Lux  Hockey pitch - 350 Lux Hockey pitch - 500 Lux
Costs From To From  To From  To
Install £9k £12k £9k £14k £10k £16k
Luminaries £17k £20k £24k £30k £34k £40k
Total £26k £32k £32k £44k £45k £56k


New install

  Training hockey pitch - 200 Lux  Hockey pitch - 350 Lux Hockey pitch - 500 Lux
Costs From To From To From To
Install £20k £30k £25k £40k £25k £58k
Mast £8k £20k £12k £30k £15k £30k
Luminaries £17k £20k £24k £30k £34k £40k
Total £45k £70k £61k £95k £69k £95k


Hopefully, this guide has provided some useful information about what you can expect your own hockey floodlights to cost. If you’d like to get a specific quote then get in touch.


 Why have costs gone up?


Prices have increased over the last year driven primarily by macroeconomic events such as the squeezed supply chain post-COVID. The energy cost increase after Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 and the inflationary pressures caused by monetary policy in the EU and USA. The result is that this has increased prices on everything from raw materials and components to shipping, packaging, and assembly rates. The energy forward curve suggests that prices will remain high for the next 24-36 months at least, continuing to drive up the price of finished goods at least until 2025.


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