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We live and breathe LED lighting and have done so for over a decade, so when we say we understand the importance of knowledge you can truly take our word for it. And we know that continued learning and knowledge building is what drive growth and innovation, it certainly did for us, so whether you’re new to the sector or have many years of experience, maybe you’re a client, partner, consultant or architect, the Midstream Knowledge Hub is for you.

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Fanning the flames of innovation: how smarter design is a path to horticultural efficiency

With its focus on rapid growth and high yields, horticulture has always served as byword for efficiency. The introduction of new technologies and new techniques has led to continued refinement in the cultivation process and the sector as a whole has done much to manage its carbon footprint. While innovation and new ideas have always played an integral role in horticulture’s history, they’ve never been more important than they are today.  Horticulture is a naturally resource-intensive industry, and rising power and production costs mean that anything that can be done to make growing more efficient should be done.



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