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Can I swap out my old floodlight bulbs for LEDs?

Attracted by their lower running costs and better performance, an ever-increasing number of organisations are making the switch to LED lighting systems. With many of those businesses having a lighting solution in place already, however, it isn’t uncommon for them to wonder whether they can simply switch out their existing bulbs for LEDs. That line of thought is entirely understandable. On the surface, LED floodlights can look very similar to metal-halide and halogen units – those typically in use within an existing floodlighting solution. And, with costs an ever-present concern, it’s also logical to wonder whether swapping out existing bulbs for LEDs might help to reduce the expense of a system upgrade. Appealing though that prospect may be, the reality is that making the leap to LEDs isn’t quite as simple as switching out your bulbs. In this post, we’ll look at why that is, and what an upgrade to your lighting system really entails.

6 min read | 26 May 2023


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